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Adam driver gossip

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Why, oh, why, do I find this guy so fuckable?!

Adam Driver

Why, oh, why, do I find this guy so fuckable?!

by Anonymous reply 35 03/17/2014
by Anonymous reply 1 03/14/2014

Perhaps because you don’t have a jejune,cliche mind that can think think and feel for itself despite culturally induced preferences and biases.

Or maybe you just have bad taste.

by Anonymous reply 2 03/14/2014

Lena, fuck off! Fatass.

by Anonymous reply 3 03/14/2014

r2, why don’t you go repair the lace trim on your parasol.

by Anonymous reply 4 03/15/2014

Adam is extremely ugly. Though he kind of looks cute when he smiles.

However, he has a great body and it’s not hard to imagine he has a titanic cock. Talk about BDF. He looks like he would give you the fucking of your lifetime.

by Anonymous reply 5 03/15/2014

It’s really hard to find a decent picture of him.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous reply 6 03/15/2014

He has a hot body and awesome prsonality. Those ears are fucked up, though.

He’s going to make a good SW villain if Abrams doesn’t screw it up.

I bet he has a huge dick.

by Anonymous reply 7 03/15/2014

He’s got to get all those hard little moles removed from his face. They are really repulsive.

by Anonymous reply 8 03/15/2014

Anyone on this thread who says he’s ugly would kill to look half as good as him.

by Anonymous reply 9 03/15/2014

Is he a Right-winger?

by Anonymous reply 10 03/15/2014

[quote]Anyone on this thread who says he’s ugly would kill to look half as good as him.

From the neck down only.

by Anonymous reply 11 03/15/2014

100 = the number of times hotter Adam Driver is than Colty Lizardlad.

by Anonymous reply 12 03/15/2014

of course he’s not a right winger.

here are some artsy photos

Offsite Link
by Anonymous reply 13 03/15/2014

Thank you for sharing those photos, R15. Is it photoshopped? Because Adam looks really hot in them. I didn’t find him appealing until this season of “Girls.” His character has developed sharply, He is the best thing on the show.

by Anonymous reply 14 03/15/2014

Big Bush supporter.

by Anonymous reply 15 03/15/2014

Sorry, kudos was for R13’s link.

And, I am glad to know he is a big Bush supporter, R15, as I happen to have one that he can support, anytime!

by Anonymous reply 16 03/15/2014

He had a religious upbringing in the Midwest, and enlisted in the Marines after 9/11 (he’s 30 now but looks younger IMO). He was eventually deployed to Iraq but was medically discharged, according to Wikipedia.

Count me among those who find him very good looking if untraditional. A friend recently saw and approached him in New Orleans, and found him friendly and approachable. He posed for a picture with her. She said he is even hotter in person. I think he could have a good movie career.

by Anonymous reply 17 03/15/2014

I hope he’s handsomely paid for pretending to fuck that pig.

by Anonymous reply 18 03/15/2014

Because it’s clear he has a giant donkey dick.

Movies, nonsense, horror, nonsense, fellas, nonsense.

by Anonymous reply 19 03/15/2014

He’s not photogenic, but he’s attractive, just not in the traditional sense.

by Anonymous reply 20 03/15/2014
by Anonymous reply 21 03/15/2014

[quote]of course he’s not a right winger

His background would suggest otherwise.

by Anonymous reply 22 03/15/2014

R22, care to clarify?

by Anonymous reply 23 03/15/2014

Is r19 seriously using a. instance where while acting he mimed masturbating as proof he has a big dick? Oh dear.

by Anonymous reply 24 03/15/2014

It would appear to be so, R24.

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by Anonymous reply 25 03/15/2014

Excuse me, while I agree Adam is fuckable my BFF/s Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirk are patiently waiting for someone to find them hot and fuckable also.


by Anonymous reply 26 03/15/2014


by Anonymous reply 27 03/15/2014

He really looks like a rat but more power to him.

by Anonymous reply 28 03/15/2014

r23, we already did.

by Anonymous reply 29 03/16/2014

He’s not a right winger. Why? Because he was in the marines?

He was also in Angels in America off Broadway 3 years ago. (he replaced Zach Quinto)

by Anonymous reply 30 03/16/2014

Wait, so he showed cock on stage?

by Anonymous reply 31 03/17/2014

r30 is completely naive.

by Anonymous reply 32 03/17/2014

I like GIRLS but also think a show with just Adam and Ray would be a riot as they are both good actors and carry the show well.

Fuck Christopher Abbott.

by Anonymous reply 33 03/17/2014

If you took a black and white photo of Driver in a Civil War uniform, he’d blend in perfectly with other period photos.

His unique look will only work in his favor as does his talent.

by Anonymous reply 34 03/17/2014

He’s been cast as the villain in the new Star Wars.


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