Apr 23 2020

Youtube star wars rap

<a title="Youtube" href="">Youtube</a> <a title="star" href="">star</a> <a title="wars" href="">wars</a> rap-<a title="Youtube" href="">Youtube</a> <a title="star" href="">star</a> <a title="wars" href="">wars</a> rap
10th Anniversary 1080p HD Remastered Cut

Star Wars Gangsta Rap 2 – Reloaded (HD Remastered)
Star Wars Gangsta Rap 2

BanjoOz : I did really miss the “first Pentium chip” flying through the air at that line in the remaster, though. 🙁

The One : Very nice restoration job.

619 WWE FAN : Lol, I nearly clicked out cause of the beginning. Good tease

HEXcellerate : Jar-Jar’s verse was absolute fire.

John Ronald : This is my favorite of the 3 because it’s the most vulgar.

MarcuszZ : My age has doubled since we last met count

BanjoOz : YES. This is my favorite of the SW gangsta raps, but also by far my favorite video that’s been done for them. While I have a huge soft spot for the original, it’s fantastic to have this available, remastered and as awesome as ever! Just seeing those V A D E R letters flash up like on the old video, but in red this time, makes me grin!

Ashley Hemze : So glad this got remastered, thank you!

Benjamin Griffin : Outstanding video!

tyson66331 : Still funny as hell after all these years. Lando and 3po xD

mr Hotman : better then any George Lucas “Remastered versions”

Knopson : Good work with this recreation!

Trollkien Official : And, the beginning is F***KING BADASS.

Planetary Nebulae : Well done on recreated the entire video.

Jeremy Burlingame : The voices are pretty much spot on wtf

ILJA SHEBALIN : 3PO stole the show, never laughed so loud.

ferbthe2gadgetguy : Ahh. Good times with good songs parted with good movies.

Zappy Baloo : I remember when this came out on you tube god I’m old

Trollkien Official : 2:09 R2-D2 watch your language. Best.

Shelton Benjamin : ahh the memories

Марбас Дисс : Шикарно! Спасибо за перезагрузку:))

Eazy-E Ryder : Nice remake!

Shelton Benjamin : ahh the memories

subdreamer : Excellent, good job!

Owl Eyes : I can finally understand what they are saying

CannibaLouiST : Not as good. In the old clip, characters are so well-edited, they sound and look like they really are rapping.

breona Warburton : I love this song


Faigornx : But dem memories tho.

ZChris54 : And in my TIE Fighter Zig-zags stay lit!

Piero Gomez : Jabba verse was fire tho.

strictlyformyninja : Thank you for re-uploading this video in HD. The original was my favorite video from like 2004.

FunnyMan : és íme a magyar tudás jol összevágtad 😀

Captain Squirrel : This is the best Star Wars gangster rap and the original (look it up! The one that claims to be “original” was made 9 years ago and this original one was made 12 years ago!)

Adnan Dodwad : I still wonder WTF Jabba the Hutt said

ShadowMan : That damn tea kettle whistle always gets on my nerves. Memorable song anyways.

Ritik Rao : Where is the pentium chip. literally unwatchable smh

Zenimite : My age has doubled since we last met.

Fabian Rocha : this song was created in 2006?

Rapior Pizarro : i feel old

LL Brotha B : wow this is incredible

brvtll metllkatze : Beszarok ezt egy magyar tette fel? Megyarország végre tényleg jobban teljesít! Köszönöm a feltöltést csak így tovább!

The Star Wars Dude : NICE JOB.


Nicasiete Nicasiete : I am dead. cant stop laughing. I love it.

repear2 : Was expecting a crappy resolution and audio but damn this made my night still remember hearing this for the first time brings back memories


Youtube star wars rap


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